Empty Walls & Packed Suitcases

When we tell people about our upcoming move, we get a lot of the same questions:

​Are you scared?
Aren’t you worried about the food?
Are you going to keep your furniture in storage?

To each of these questions, our answer is always “no.”

Last weekend we started selling off the things that we won’t be taking to Japan.



Thanks to a local yard sale group on Facebook, we sold our bed, two dressers, entertainment center, and night stands – all within a couple of hours.

It was magical…and slightly overwhelming.

We hope to sell anything that won’t fit in two suitcases and two carry ons.

It hasn’t quite hit us that we’re moving, but we’ve felt a sense of freedom as we’ve begun to empty out our little apartment.

I don’t feel sad when I think about selling furniture, tea pots, and my wedding dress.

In fact, I’m grateful that the Lord has blessed Caleb and I with the same spirit of minimalism and adventure.

These things are just…..things.
And these things can (and will) be replaced…even the cutest owl dish set.
The adventure that God has us on is so much greater than accumulating possessions.

Side Note: Sometimes I feel guilty because we’re selling things that people gave to us out of love, but I shouldn’t….right? Someone tell me it’s wrong to think this way.

If you remember, pray that we continue to have this mindset as we get closer to our date of departure.

Pray for our families as we say our goodbyes.

And pray that we are able to sell EVERYTHING before we have to move out on February 12th. There’s still so much more to be done,


2 thoughts on “Empty Walls & Packed Suitcases

  1. When we left the USA to move abroad, we got rid of as much as possible–we did leave a few boxes of ‘treasures’ and important paperwork with my grandparents (my expatriate parents don’t think it’s safe to bring docs like birth certs, marriage license, ssc’s with you overseas), but got rid of the rest of it. We’re planning to be overseas long term and didn’t want to be anchored by a room full of stuff. I think that’s a healthy way to be if you’re planning on staying overseas for a good chunk of time. I totally kept my wedding dress, though, it came in the suitcase–we take anniversary photos in our wedding clothes every year, year 4 was in China and year 5 was in Malaysia. Good thing my wedding dress is easily packable…

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    1. That is so awesome, Rachel! We’ve really loved the process of downsizing and freeing ourselves from our material possessions. It’s exciting to live that way, and be super intentional even about what we leave behind.
      As for the dress, I still haven’t been able to sell it, and highly doubt I will before we go. It would be pretty tricky to pack it too – especially since we’re already struggling for space as it is. But maybe we’ll follow your example when we come back to the States to visit in two years. 🙂

      Thanks for commenting and checking our blog out!


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