Upstate New York: Week Two + New York City

Tomorrow we’re leaving New York State.

Week Two began with our trip to Niagara Falls, which was an awesome day trip.

On Wednesday, both of my parents had the day off of work, and my sister took a day off from school. We started the day by visiting Cornell University, which has one of the most beautiful campuses I’ve seen. It is huge, and is akin to a small city. The view from the clock tower is by far one of the best views in all of Ithaca.

While you can easily spend hours exploring the campus, we decided to check out the Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art. Admission to the museum is always free, but there is a charge for tours and workshops.

When we first entered the museum, it seemed small… but as we delved deeper into the building, it went on forever. There was an extensive collection of Japanese art (Japanese art is the second-largest portion of their Asian collection), and a fantastic laser light exhibit by Matthew Schreiber.





Because it turned out to be a rainy day, we stopped by Saigon Kitchen for Pho. The broth was delicious, and made up for their Thai Tea, which was definitely powdered. We also tried their Fried Pot Stickers and Sriracha Hot Wings, which were good, but nothing to write home about.



On our way home we stopped by Buttermilk Falls. Ithaca is where I first fell in love with waterfalls, and while we usually visit Robert Treman Park,  Buttermilk still has a lot to offer. If it wasn’t raining, we would have gone on a quick hike.


Yesterday we drove to New York City to visit my grandparents.


It has been so nice to spend some time with them before we make our way down to Florida. Last night we sat down and looked through old photo albums. We saw old baby pictures of my mom and aunts and uncle, and pictures that told my grandparent’s love story. We saw pictures of my grandparents building one of the first churches they pastored, and family pictures of my great-great grandparents, who were also missionaries. It was amazing to see how such a strong legacy has been passed down from generation to generation.

Today in church their congregation prayed over us. We were both overwhelmed with thankfulness and joy as they prayed over us for God’s protection and peace in our new home. It’s incredible how much the congregation cares for us even when they barely know us.

No blog post could be long enough to express how thankful we are for my parents and grandparents. If nothing else goes right in our world, one thing we can always count on is their support, and most importantly, their prayers.

Because I know they are reading this:

Thank you, thank you, thank you. ❤

Thank you for always making us know that we are loved.


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