I want to start this post by saying thank you to everyone who asked about us & were praying for us because of the earthquake news. We live in the prefecture of Fukushima, and are really far from where the earthquakes happened. We actually didn’t even know about the earthquakes until I woke up to six inbox messages asking if we were okay. 🙂

Like I’ve said before, we did not move to Japan in fear, nor are we afraid when news of disaster comes. We know that we are covered by your prayers, and are more than thankful for God’s hedge of protection over us.

On Saturday our team went to Miharu, a town about 20 minutes away, to see Takizakura, a 1200 year old waterfall/weeping cherry tree.


Takizakura is 13.5 meters tall (about 44 feet), and was declared a national treasure in 1922. Long poles hold the branches up, and the blossoms swoop down, almost touching the ground. Because it had been windy recently, most of the blossoms had fallen off of the tree, but it was still a beautiful sight to see.


We left for Miharu at 6 a.m. to try and beat the rush, but still ran into a decent sized crowd at the tree. We were told that because the blossoms had fallen, the crowd was smaller, but when the flowers first bloom, visitors can reach up to the thousands. The tree itself was roped off, but we were still able to get pretty close.



There was a set of stairs that brought you to this view:




And there was also a shrine/temple at the top as well. People walked up to bow and pray at the entrance.


Adam, one of our team leaders, trying to be inconspicuous. 😉


After spending a good half an hour marveling at Takizaura and the mountains surrounding her, we walked down to the food stalls where we had soba and udon noodles. Because we had woken up so early, it felt like lunch time, but was really just a hearty breakfast. You haven’t lived until you’ve had hot udon on a cold morning.


We then visited Jizozakura, which is apparently Takizakura’s 400 year old daughter.

IMG_6803There was also a great view of the mountains here.


IMG_6814There was also a path with beautiful flowers, and cute lanterns made out of cans:

I personally enjoyed Jizozakura more (less people + more flowers), but overall, it was such a great experience to end our second week with.

This week is my first full week teaching by myself, and I am loving it more and more every day. I also need to take another trip to the Dollar Store, because you can never have too many cute erasers shaped like desserts.

Happy Monday everyone!


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