Spring Term: CHECK

Today is August 1st.

Today is August 1st.

Today is…

If I keep typing it out, maybe the fact that it’s already August will actually feel real. We have lived here FOUR whole months, and are finally approaching our first summer vacation in Japan.

Our summer schedules have taken into effect, and only two more days of teaching, two days off in Tamura getting ready for break, and a pesky trip to the hospital stand in the way between us and T O K Y O.

If I’m being completely honest, the past month has felt like this:


However, just when I’ve felt like I can’t:

  • clean any more windows or sweep any more floors
  • remember every greeting I have to give
  • grade more homework/tests

the Lord has intervened and provided:

  • surprise mornings of rest
  • ice cream during our break times (I’ve discovered ice cream is a cure-all for any hurt)
  • and the sweetest hugs from the sweetest of children.

I’ve always known that He speaks to me and encourages me through the smallest of things, but the past month has proven it over and over again.

When I think about this term overall, I feel extremely proud. I’m proud that my second grade girls can now sound out three and four letter words, and are making great strides with their handwriting.

airi and chisako

I’m proud that my other second grade class knows how to ask “Can I have a pencil, please?” and “Can I go to the bathroom?” in English, and can write simple sentences in handwriting that is both neat and legible. I’m also proud of Yuko, the special education student I tutor, for her continual joy and enthusiasm each and every week. I’m proud of all of my students – but it would take too long to list off each and every one.

I’m also proud of myself, and the ways that I’ve grown as a teacher and a traveler.

 Because it’s a new month, and I’m feeling extra inspired/motivated, I’ve decided that I want to try and keep better care of this blog of ours. Caleb challenged me to blog once a week, and hope to meet that goal – especially since we’ll be doing more traveling in the next few weeks. I’ve also slacked quite a bit with my photography, and so I decided to give #thebethadillychallenge another go. I’ll be posting pictures here and here.

Sayonara, friends.


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