A few days ago I got an email from My Trending Stories about the opportunity to become a contributor on their website. I felt a little bit like a superstar writer, and casually emailed back saying I was interested.


I’m really excited about using My Trending Stories as another platform to share our adventures, and would love it if you hopped on over there and clicked the FOLLOW button next to our faces.

My Trending Stories is a fairly new blogging website, but already has accumulated a large number of bloggers writing on a plethora of different topics.

I attempted to post my first article, but ran into some difficulties, so please have patience with me as I figure it all out. 

Update: my first article is now live, and available to view HERE.

If there was one thing you’d like to see me write about (both here and on My Trending Stories), what would it be?


2 thoughts on “MY TRENDING STORIES

  1. My phone doesn’t like the My Trending Stories site, saying there are security issues so I can’t hop on over there…sounds very cool, though! I admittedly have been way behind on your blog because if you don’t post it on facebook I forget to read it! Lazy, I know…love you and miss you even more reading all these entries I’ve missed!!


    1. You know, I kind of gave up on My Trending Stories! haha it’s a pretty new website, and I lost motivation to post things on multiple sites – it just got exhausting! I might go back to it, but I want to focus on our new website more.


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