Real World Travelers

One hot day in August, Caleb and I were talking about the future. *surprise!*

It’s something we do quite often, and while our plans are always morphing and changing, two things remain the same: we want to experience as much of the world as possible, and we want to experience it together.

We watch a lot of YouTube, and are always reading travel blogs and websites to make the most out of our trips and travel experiences. While I like writing in this space to give family and friends a more personal look into our life, a part of me has always wanted to take it a little bit more seriously, and to create content that people will use to plan their trips with. We also wanted to show that traveling on a budget IS possible, and student loans should never hold anyone back from running after their dreams.

If Mark Wiens can do it, so can we.

That is how Real World Travelers was born.

That day in August, Caleb and I decided that we wanted to create an official website to document our travels, and to present our experiences in a way that is informative, but also gives personal insights into each place we visit. We also wanted to start the building blocks for potentially traveling full-time and making this a source of extra income (and maybe one day, our main source of income).

From the idea for a website came the idea of creating a YouTube channel, and at first we wanted to make informational travel videos. That changed quickly once we got to Taiwan, and realized we liked creating Vlogs, rather than awkwardly filming silent shots and recording ourselves over it.

That being said, please, please, please (with a cherry on top) take some time to check out Real World Travelers.  We are so excited to start this new journey, and definitely need all the support and love we can get! Also, don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel. We have a lot of new content planned, and have a lot of exciting trips to share with you.

We are currently at 27 subscribers, but need at least 100 to have our own custom YouTube URL. 🙂

Caleb & Kelly


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