Almost a Year

The end of February is currently sneaking it’s way in, soon March will be here, and then as we all know, it’s April’s turn.

It has been the fastest two months I’ve experienced in a long, long time. Actually, this has been the fastest 12 months I’ve experienced. I still can’t believe that we’re coming up on our One Year Japan Anniversary!

Here are a few updates on what we’ve been up to in 2017:

1) Real World Travelers: This is number one because this is the biggest update in my opinion. We launched our new travel website at the beginning of February, and also took a leap of faith and started our own YouTube channel! I’m SO excited about the possibilities that both the website and YouTube channel have, and it’s been exciting to watch our channel grow from 1 – 62 subscribers in February alone.

I have loved having an “official” space to write primarily about travel, and I have loved creating videos even more. I hope that you guys continue to watch and support us as we grow and learn in this new creative area.

2) Spring Vacation & New Team Leaders: After much anticipation, our employers gave us our Spring Vacation Dates, and we have a big trip planned! We’ll be announcing the trip in the next few weeks – but just know that we’ll be eating lots of great food & playing with a few Japanese Deer. (**hint, Nara, hint**)

The new team leaders were also announced, and I am relieved to say that we are not them. I know that the new leaders will do a great job with transitioning the new team into Wakakusa/Japan life.

That’s pretty much it for now! We’ll be going on a farewell trip with our school, and also have a fancy classical music concert that we’re attending as well. I know that March is going to fly by, and I’m so excited to see how next year unfolds.

As usual, thank you for your support and your prayers! If you have any questions about our new website, or if you have any places/foods you want to see us visit/try, let us know in the comments below.

Caleb & Kelly




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